Oaks Residents Make Cards for Senior Adults Impacted by Hurricane Harvey

August 31, 2017

Having watched the horrific images from Houston of flooding brought on by Hurricane Harvey, a group of residents at The Oaks of Louisiana’s Health Center at Live Oak gathered around a table for an impromptu card-making session.

The recipients of the cards will be senior adults in the Houston area impacted by the historic floods.  Clara Wilkinson, activities coordinator for Health Center at Live Oak, said residents were delighted to make the cards, pieces of folded white cardstock decorated in a variety of ways to symbolize a different message.

“Some cards were decorated with hearts to show love, faith and hope for all as folks in Houston put their lives back together after this devastating storm,” Wilkinson said. “Others chose to decorate their cards with praying hands so that recipients would know they are in our prayers.”

Still others used a drawing of two hands clasped together, “a tribute to all of the volunteers, neighbors, friends and strangers who have helped each other as this storm has unfolded.”

“It was a spur-of-the-moment idea that allowed our residents to feel connected to people just like them who have gone through a devastating experience,” Wilkinson said. “They are helping make someone’s life a little brighter in a way in which they can.”