Keeping Young: For One Resident, Activities at The Oaks Keeps Her Busy, Young

June 04, 2019

Williams full

Lucille Rowzee Williams is a diminutive figure but larger than life to those who know her, more a steel magnolia than a shrinking violet.

The 84-year-old resident of The Oaks of Louisiana is a native of the small Louisiana town of Leesville but her sphere of influence spans the United States thanks in large part to her roles as military wife and power-player in the Republican Party.

She typifies a true Southern lady, with certain traits you pick up on when you spend any time with her. She has impeccable table manners, says thank you when someone does something for her and treats everyone at Tower at The Oaks, the independent living residence where she lives, with respect and kindness. She is a gracious hostess when family or friends come to visit, sends thank you notes even at times when they absolutely are not required, dresses appropriately for all occasions, and above all considers her family members to be the most important people in her life.

And she is to them.

A recent birthday present included their descriptions of her: benevolent, vibrant, charismatic, courageous, determined, gregarious, charming, elegant, trustworthy, matriarchal, memorable, fair, faithful, lovable, sweet, tender- hearted, feisty, fun loving, witty, glowing, altruistic, inspiring, strong, wise, beautiful, maternal, intelligent, exquisite, delicate, fierce and devoted.

She brings all of those traits to The Oaks.


Lucille and husband Hugh, whom she lost suddenly in 2016, moved to The Oaks in 2013. Maintenance of a large home and pool was becoming a burden at their ages and Hugh’s health made it more so. When they walked into the grand foyer of Tower at The Oaks, “Hugh said, ‘This is where I want to move.’  I said, ‘Let’s check around.’”

She chuckles at the memory. “Hugh said, ‘You can if you want to but this is where I’m moving,’” she remembers.

After visiting other communities with her daughter, Lucille said, “We better go back to The Oaks.” Her daughter agreed.

“We have never regretted choosing The Oaks for a second,” Lucille says. “We could not have been treated any better than here and when I lost Hugh, it was devastating. But, I have made friends here that are so dear to me, friendships that I treasure.”

While she maintains an active lifestyle out in the community, Lucille is an integral part of life at the Tower, something she says promotes her mental and physical well-being. She exercises frequently, attends many of the scheduled activities, makes cards for friends and tends to those who are sick.

“They say if you stay busy you will stay young,” she says.

Definitely 84 years young!