What Our Residents Are Saying
Resident Comments
  • Claire K“When you first visit, what you experience is a drop in the bucket to what it is really like. Everybody – from housekeeping to security to those who serve your meals – they go overboard all the time. I can't say enough about our life here.” – Claire K.
  • Richard-B“We love the saltwater pool. My wife does water aerobics. I do cardio and use the treadmills and the weight lifting machines.” – Richard B.
  • Martha P“I’ve been so happy, quite satisfied. These (garden apartments) are as close to the home you left as you can get.” –  Martha P.
  • Betsy B“Friends who live out of town or other places say, ‘I can’t believe the food you have here.’ I think Chef Matt Conover is outstanding. He is very creative. His meals are so presentable, so well-planned, so pretty. You hate to mess it up.” – Betsy B.
  • Dewey R“I take Tiger (toy poodle) on long walks every day. This keeps me active and Tiger thoroughly enjoys the attention she receives from other residents. We both love it here.” – Dewey R.
  • Kay M“It was my family’s idea that I move to Shreveport to be near them. I chose The Oaks as I liked the spacious living, opportunities, and pleasant atmosphere. It continues to meet my expectations and needs.” – Kay M.
  • Marvin G“My life has changed … totally. Before, my life consisted of four walls – absolutely nothing else. I watched television or was on my computer. Completely by myself.” – Marvin G.
  • Evelyn T“If you have something wrong, it is fixed immediately. They will come that day. We never have to worry about a thing.” – Evelyn T.

600 East Flournoy Lucas Road, Shreveport, LA 71115
(318) 212-OAKS (6257)